• Towbars

    Hak-System company offers towbars produced by all Polish and foreign manufacturers.

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  • Electrical sets

    Our offer contains dedicated and universal, 7 / 13 pin electric kits: with module and without module.

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In the territory of Central & East Europe, we are agents of ConWys AG, Switzerland, a leading European manufacturer of dedicated electrical kits for towbars and of other electrical accessories.

We have customers in the territory of Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Moldova.

We have run a specialised OEM depot since the first day of our business.

Today we co-operate with the biggest Polish and foreign manufacturers of towbars as well as with warehouses, car show rooms, and vehicle service stations.

Dedicated electrical sets

Trailer lights are one of the most important aspects of towing. In order to have working lights, a trailer wiring system must be connected to the vehicle. Electrical set is a solution to connect these two systems together. Our offer contains: dedicated and universal 7 or 13 pin electric kits: with module and without module.

Highest quality

In our business we give priority to the issues of safety and quality.

The products we used to offer comply with the most important quality requirements and the most stringent safety standards.

We conduct production processes in compliance with the international quality management standards, such as e.g. ISO 9001:2001 and QS-25.

Thanks to this approach we are trusted by many vehicle dealers, including those who offer the most recognised makes in the world.

Reliable partner

We co-operate with many dealers in the area of motor vehicles, such as e.g.: OPEL, MERCEDES, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN, SKODA, PEUGEOT, FIAT, CITROEN, VOLVO and other manufacturers.

In 2007 we expanded our business by sales of the towing hooks manufactured by either Polish (AUTO-HAK, HAK-POL) or foreign (THULE, WESTFALIA) companies.

Since 2008, our offer has contained snow chains, roof luggage rack, roof boxes, roof-mounted bicycle and ski racks, etc. These products are offered as a result of co-operation with e.g. THULE,  and CRUZ companies.


Informacja COVID-19

Informacja COVID-19

W trosce o bezpieczeństwo odwiedzających nasz sklep stacjonarny prosimy o używanie maseczek ochronnych.